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XFlexion Fly Shoulder Pad, hartiasuojat, M, juniorit

XFlexion Fly Shoulder PadXFlexion Fly Shoulder PadXFlexion Fly Shoulder PadMittaa hartioiden leveys olkapääluiden ulkoreunojen väliltä tuumina ja vertaa saamaasi tuumamittaa seuraavan kuvan kokotaulukkoon (1 inch/tuuma = 2,54 centimeters/senttiä).Size Chart: Xenith Xflexion, Velocity and Fly - Kokotaulukko: Xenith Xflexion, Velocity ja Fly.
XFlexion Fly Shoulder Pad

Hinta: 99,00 € (149,00 €)

Toimitusaika: 1-3 arkipäivää

XFlexion Fly Shoulder Pad

  • Designed for all positions at youth, middle school and intermediate levels
  • The XFlexion utilizes Xenith’s patented Aware-Flow® Shock Absorber Technology
  • Floating sternum and spine protective plates
  • Lightweight injection molded plates retain anatomical form
  • Floating sternum and spine protective plates
  • Low-profile
  • High impact removable front and back pads
  • Flexible shock cord enables plates to move independently
  • Shoulder plates are unrestricted for full range of motion
  • Durable belt style chest straps with retention loop to hold straps down
  • The Xfelxion is designed for but not limited to skill position
  • It comes in sizes S – XL