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Spalding J5J keinonahkapallo juniorit 9-11 v.

Junioreiden Spalding J5J keinonahkapalloJunioreiden Spalding J5J keinonahkapallo
Junioreiden Spalding J5J keinonahkapallo

Hinta: 26,00 € (34,50 €)

Toimitusaika: 1-3 arkipäivää

Spalding J5J keinonahkapallo,
juniorit 9-11 v.

Tuotteen ominaisuudet:

  • Päällys laadukasta komposiitti nahkaa
  • TPR komposiitti nyöritys
  • Vedenkestävä 1-kerros toteutus
  • 100% butyyli sisäkumi
  • Suositellaan 9-11 vuotiaille pelaajille

Spalding Composite J5J, juniors 9-11 years

Product features:

  • High grade composite leather cover
  • TPR composite lace
  • 1-ply water resistant liner
  • 100% Butyl bladder
  • Recommended for 9-11 year old players

SPALDING Footballs

In 1887 Spalding develops and manufactures the very first
American football. Each ball is made from the finest quality
leather and features rawhide lacing. Every ball is guaranteed
to be "perfect in material and workmanship, and correct in shape
and size".

In 1992 Spalding is the first to develop and introduce composite
leather cover materials. The new technology makes the ball more
durable while providing a super soft touch for greater feel and control
vs. traditional leather.