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Xenith X2E kypärä, L, juniorit, ilman kasvosuojusta

JUNIORIEN XENITH X2E-jalkapallokypärä alle 14 vuotiaille.JUNIORIEN XENITH X2E-jalkapallokypärä alle 14 vuotiaille.JUNIORIEN XENITH X2E-jalkapallokypärä alle 14 vuotiaille.JUNIORIEN XENITH X2E-jalkapallokypärä alle 14 vuotiaille.JUNIORIEN XENITH X2E-jalkapallokypärä alle 14 vuotiaille.JUNIORIEN XENITH X2E-jalkapallokypärä alle 14 vuotiaille.JUNIORIEN XENITH X2E-jalkapallokypärä alle 14 vuotiaille.XENITH kypärien kokotaulukko.
JUNIORIEN XENITH X2E-jalkapallokypärä alle 14 vuotiaille.

Hinta: 175,00 € (180,00 €)

Toimitusaika: 5-7 vuorokautta. "Kimppa-alennus" 2 kypärän tilauksista 8%. Kypärän värin ja mallin on oltava sama molemmissa kypärissä, mutta koko voi vaihdella. Tarkemmat tiedot kypärien koista tilauksen yhteydessä viestikenttään.

Kasvosuojuksellinen JUNIORIEN XENITH
X2E-jalkapallokypärä alle 14 vuotiaille

  • Xenith X2E-kypärä on tyyliltään
    perinteinen, matalaprofiilinen, kevyt ja
    mukava käyttää. Xenith-kypärissä on
    myös hyvä tuuletus.
    Kypärät on valmistettu käyttämällä
    korkealaatuista valmistusprosessia ja
    tarkoin valittuja materiaaleja.
    Kaikissa Xenith-kypärämalleissa on
    ainutlaatuinen pään suojaus-
    . Katso alla oleva video:
    XENITH Adaptive Head Protection.

  • Juniorien Xenith-kypärien kuori on
    valmistettu vahvasta
    ABS-muovista maksimaalisen suojan
    Xenith-kypärät on
    tarkoitettu huippu-urheilijoille
    aggressiivisiin tilanteisiin ja ne on
    suunniteltu kestämään kovaa käyttöä.
  • CE-hyväksytty.
  • Takuu 24 kk.

XENITH X2E juniorit kypärän
/ vaihtoehdot

- Koot: M: 53 - 56,5 cm
L: 56,5 - 60 cm
Kypärän oikean koon valinnassa auttaa
kokotaulukko (kts. kuvat oikealla) ja
ith-kypärän sovitusvideo alla.
- Värit: musta (black), valkoinen (white),
sininen (navy), harmaa metalli
(metallic silver)

Lataa Xenith X2 pelaajan ohjekirja.

XENITH X2E YOUTH football helmet with facemask.

  • The Xenith X2E Jouth football helmet features the same renowned Xenith Adaptive Head Protection system as the X1, with an even more customizable fit system, and a very affordable price for youth teams.

  • The X2E features traditional football helmet styling, with a low profile, comfortable lightweight feel, and outstanding ventilation. The X2E is manufactured using the highest quality processes and materials. It is built for real athletes in real conditions, and is built to last.
  • The Youth X2E Shell is manufactured using ABS plastic. The Air Flow Vents are designed to facilitate air flow from front to back to cool players down as they move.

  • Thicker comfort pads availabe to provide more sizing options for a more secure fit.
  • The X2E has a synthetic leather soft Chin Cup.
  • The Chinstraps are made of high strength nylon webbing with abrasion-resistant polyurethane coating
  • The Snap Buckles are made of plastic.
  • Facemask:
    Xenith offers 3 youth facemask styles. They are made of carbon steel to ensure strength and are protected by a polyethylene powder coating that is designed for maximum durability. The facemask clips are made of durable plastic.
    The X2 should only be fitted with Xenith facemasks, and only Xenith facemask clips should be used.
  • For fitting instructions and replacement of components, watch the instructional product videos at www.xenith.com/football/support.
  • Sizes: M, L

    M: 53 - 56,5 cm
    L: 56,5 - 60 cm
  • Helmet colors:

metallic silver
(other colors can be ordered with 2-4 weeks lead time)

Open Xenith X2 player's manual.

Katso XENITH X2 kypärän sovitusvideo.
Watch the fit video of XENITH X2 helmet.

Watch also the video: XENITH X2 Technology


Xenith was founded with the goal of reducing the risk of concussive episodes by providing both innovation and education.

Xenith created an innovative product with the commitment to deliver the education needed to complement that product. When you choose Xenith, you'll see things differently. You'll become enlightened.

Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® is a system of integrated technologies designed to reduce the sudden movement of the head by adapting to different energy levels. It provides optimal performance when players need it most.

Traditional padding materials are designed primarily for high-energy impacts. they are too dense and stiff for low to medium impacts, and cant't adapt to impact energy. This causes the head to move suddenly during impact, increasing the risk of a concussive episode. The Xenith helmet is a departure from this traditional thinking, it is designed to adapt to the magnitude and direction of varying impacts, and to provide an optimized level of compliance in order to minimize the sudden movement of the head.


The Xenith Fit® Seeker technology adapts to the head, creating an instant custom fit, with no pumps needed, and keeps the helmet secure during impact. The chin straps on the Xenith football helmet are connected to the Fit Seeker® cable, which is woven throughout the flexible Shock Bonnet® inside the helmet.

By pulling the chin straps out, the chin cup slides up toward the player's chin, and the Fit Seeker cable is drawn forward. As the Fit Seeker® cable tightens, it snugs the flexible Shock Bonnet® around the player's head, providing an instant custom fit with no pumps needed.


The Xenit Shock Bonnet® adapts to the hit, minimizing the sudden movement of the head, which minimizes the risk of injury. Rather than relying on stiff, dense padding, the Shock Bonnet® features adaptive Aware-Flow shock absorbers that adapt to the energy of the hit, and therefore offer outstanding protection against hits.

As an impact occurs, Aware-Flow Shock Absorbers begin to compress, increasing the air turbulence inside. The air is vented through a small opening, which allows for an optimized response to a variety of energy levels.


The X1 was designed over 5 years and tens of thousands of impacts at the University of Ottawa Neurotrauma Impact Lab. What happens in the lab is important, but what matters most is what happens on the field. The X1 has been on the field since the fall of 2007, and has been worn by thousands of players from youth through the professional level.

While no helmet can guarantee prevention of injury, Xenith's player data shows the X1 provides outstanding protection to minimize the likelihood of a concussive episode, and provides players and teams an outstanding experience.

Visit www.xenith.com for detailed information.