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Manera TWIN-TIP Bag 150x46

Manera TWIN-TIP BAG 150x46Manera TWIN-TIP BAG 150x46´´How people treat you is their karma - how you react is yours´´
Manera TWIN-TIP BAG 150x46

Hinta: 69,90 € (74,90 €)

265,00 €130,00 €Osta

Toimitusaika: 5-7 vuorokautta.


This twin-tip bag is light, durable, and fits any size of boards on the market, even with straps on. It includes some PVC patch protection inside to protect the cloth from the fins.

- Heather 600D
- Mate Tarpaulin
- Air vent system
- Double gallon stitching
- ALU Tarpee (bottom)

- One complete board (pads, straps, fins)
- Two/three bare boards
- Accessories and tools

Weight: 1.4kg


We’re as happy as you when we get it back in the “oversized bags” area of the airport and everything inside is safe. That is why we built our bags to resist and protect better than others.

The technologies and materials featured in this range will make these boardbags your best travelling friends for years, because boardbags share all your trips around the world. They are the tools, the devices and the witnesses.

See "technologies" below for more information.

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