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!!HUOM HINTA!! 2017 HQ MONTANA 9 8.0m2, complete

HQ MONTANA IX 8.0m2, completeHQ MONTANA IX 8.0m2, completeHQ MONTANA IX 8.0m2, completeHQ MONTANA IX 8.0m2, complete
HQ MONTANA IX 8.0m2, complete

Hinta: 695,00 € (1015,00 €)

Toimitusaika: 5-8 vuorokautta (tarkistathan saatavuuden: myynti@outdoorpoint.com)

Valmistajalta nyt muutamia vielä jäljellä olevia 2017 leijoja tosi edullisesti! Toimi nopeasti!

Item Description
Kite Info

With the new Montana IX, the most versatile kite on the market will be released. A new shape and air intake design increases internal pressure, making the Montana IX extremely stable for hard use in the backcountry or aggressive freestyle moves. Tight turns with loads of power will pull you up every peak, while the linear depower gives you confidence to react to changing conditions. The Montana IX offers all you need for sick freestyle moves: explosive lift and enough pop for going unhooked.The all new Montana is built with light weight 40D fabric and provides super direct handling while offering maximum rider comfort. This kite can be used by beginners and is not only intended for pro´s.


Flat Area: 8.0 m²
Flat Span: 633 cm / 21.0 ft
Height: 149 cm / 4.9 ft
Flat AR: 5.0
Cells: 32
Wind (Bft.): 3-7, 14-61 km/h, 9-38 mph, 8-33 Knots
Dyneema Line Set (inkl.):
275 kp, 2 x 22 m
300 kp, 2 x 22 m
Control Option: DP-Bar 49 cm / 19'' 

Product code: Montana IX 8.0 R2F