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2021 F-One SWING V.2 koko: 4.2 Slate

Hinta: 791,95 € (879,95 €)

Toimitusaika: Normaalisti noin 1 viikko. Tarkistathan saatavuuden, sales@outdoorpoint.com


The original feeling of the SWING has been greatly improved. Learn wingfoiling faster with the SWING V2. This brand new wing offers more lightness and comfort while being very accessible as well as performing for all riders!

  • The SWING has been known for its incredible lightness. The V2 comes back with an even lighter feel.
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Easy planing and upwind performances
  • Maximum comfort and accessibility

Size / Koko: 4.2
Color / Väri: Slate

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normaalista noin 1 viikko tilauksesta.
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