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2021-22 F-One Strike CWC Wing koko: 6.0 Glacier

Hinta: 989,00 € (1099,95 €)

Toimitusaika: keskusvarastolta normaalista noin 1 viikko. Tarkistathan saatavuuden, sales@outdoorpoint.com


The patented light wind wing revolution

  • Revolutionary compact shape
  • Light wind weapon
  • Unique patented geometry
  • Touch Control
  • Fantastic Maneuverability

Strike CWC..

..The F-One Strike CWC is purposely designed to provide the best sensation in light wind conditions. The unique Compact concept patent from F-One adds more surface within the 2 struct that allows the wing to catch more wind. The control and leading-edge provide the necessary rigidity for perfect control and performance. The smooth nose profile will keep the kite away from the water, allowing you to ride with your hands in different positions. The smooth shape of the Strike CWC brings
incredible power and maneuverability,
easier to flip and control.

Reasons to love it!

  • Compact shape
  • Light wind capabilities
  • Unique geometry
  • Touch control
  • Easy to control
Size / Koko: 6.0
Color / Väri: Slate / Glacier

Toimitusaika keskusvarastolta
normaalista noin 1 viikko.
Tarkistathan saatavuuden!

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