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2021 F-one Pocket Carbon Kite Foil Board 110cm

Hinta: 629,95 € (699,95 €)

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2021 F-one Pocket Carbon Kite Foil Board size 110cm

Finally, after years of research, F-One developed a lightweight and compact board capable of taking any turn and maneuver. The Pocket is one of the lightest foil boards in the market, thanks to its 100% reinforced light foam core. At the same time, the solid cap construction protects the edge of the board while increasing the reaction of the board. The Pocket will take your game to a new level.


  • Twin Tracks, 90mm later spacing compatible with all foils featuring a top plate with 4 fastening bolts
  • Slim Tech Carbon, reinforced core material to reduce weight and thickness

Ytimen materiaali
Carbon Composite
Kiinnityssysteemi: Channel
Surfboard Length: 110cm (43.307''), 120cm (47.244''), 130cm (51.181'')
Leveys: 47cm (18.504''), 46cm (18.11'')
Taso: Kokenut
Vuosi: 2021


"Though she be but little she is fierce" W. Shakespeare

Through the use of compact outlines, we have developped a complete range of boards with minimum length for maximum fun. The Pocket foilboards offer tons of possibilities to enjoy foiling and engage into all kinds of turns or maneuvers.

  • Amazing for Carving
  • Super lightweight
  • Bullet Proof Construction


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Tiedustelut jne. myynti@outdoorpoint.com

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