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F-One Mini Kite Pump

Hinta: 56,95 €

Toimitusaika: TÄLLE TUOTTEELLE normaalisti 3-4 arkipäivää tilauksesta ja ennakkomaksusta.

F-One Mini Kite Pump
Color: Mango

Pump for your Kite

This mini pump makes packing easier. The feet are foldable and the handle movable. The F-One Mini Kite Pump comes with a single/double action exit point for faster, easier inflation.

Additional information

  • Supplied with 4 adapters to meet different valves including inflatable SUP valves
  • Max pressure 13 PSI / 2.0 bar


  • Unfolded: 44cm x 27cm x 11cm
  • Folded: 44cm x 15cm x 11cm

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