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2019 Core SENSOR PRO Control Bar System

CORE Sensor 2S Pro Control Bar System

Hinta: 679,00 €

Toimitusaika: Normaalisti 5-8 vuorokautta.

This bar, is by far the lightest bar on the market. As the innovators and most experienced manufacturer of carbon kite boards we’ve used all our innovation and experience to use this, exceptionally light and stable material, in the manufacture of a new bar system. The SENSOR PRO bar is a result of three years development and while basically the same as our SENSOR 2 bar it differs significantly in the choice of materials.



The unibody bar of the SENSOR PRO is manufactured from an ultra stiff Carbon and Titanium compound. The weight is reduced to the magical 200 gram mark, with an equivalent breaking strength and even higher stiffness.


The brand new TECTANIUM® lines are high end tech. They were exclusively developed for CORE by a renowned German manufacturer. The all-black line sets are slightly thinner and 10 percent lighter, whilst boasting a 50 percent higher break load. The improved stretch resistance results in unequalled precise and direct steering, which is especially evident in waves or when pulling off kite loops. It also enables explosive, and even higher jumps. The lines can effortlessly be adapted to varying lengths: 24, 22, 20 and 18 meter. Our TECTANIUM® lines also score highly in durability, thanks to the special coating process which results in the lines being considerably more resistant to wear and tear. Further more the SENSOR PRO Bar boasts the same innovation and proven features of the SENSOR 2 bar system.


Key Features at a glance:

  1. 210g CARBON BAR - by far the lightest bar on the market for even more direct feedback and steering of the kite.
  2. TITANIUM CORE - extremely stiff and optimized power flow.
  3. TECTANIUM® LINES - up to four times more stretch resistant, 50% higher break load, 10% thinner and lighter.
  4. VARIO LINES - 24, 22, 20, and 18m freely adjustable.
  5. EXCHANGEABLE BAR INSERTS – super easy de-power line protection.
  6. 100% SELF UNSWIVELLING – untwisted lines after every rotation. 
  7. SUPPORTED SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY (SSF) – immediate pressure release and quicker repositioning for relaunch.
  8. ROTOR QUICKRELEASE – easy and reliable release in every situation. 
  9. SENSOR ADJUSTER - easy and finely adjustable trimming.
  10. SPLICE ENDS - super robust spliced line ends.
  11. VARIO WIDTH - one bar for all kite sizes.
  12. SHORT SAFETY LEASH - safer and more comfortable.
  13. EVA GRIP - always the perfect grip.


Find more details on the Sensor Pro Bar here: http://corekites.com/us/sensor-pro-bar