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2018 CORE RIPPER3 Surfboard, board only

CORE RIPPER3 SurfboardCORE RIPPER3 SurfboardRip those waves! CORE RIPPER3 SurfboardFCS II Accelator PC Carbon Tri Set FCS II Accelator Neo Glass Tri Set FCS II Carved GF Tri Set Core Surf Straps
CORE RIPPER3 Surfboard

Hinta: 799,00 € (899,00 €)

Toimitusaika: 4-6 vuorokautta

Wave Warrior.


The new Ripper 3 is our super smooth riding custom glass surfboard. The revised tail shape, tucked under rails, and slightly reduced width may induce endless woohoos in just about any waves. Like the ones a Nor'easterly brings to the East Coast. Or a good low brings to the Great Lakes. We built the ultra comfortable, Ripper 3 allrounder to feel right at home on big, messy, wind driven lake swell and the super smooth reefs of Mauritius and Maui. A handcrafted, glass shortboard for all your road trips, wherever they may take you. The Ripper 3. Your next allround surfboard-slash-kite surfboard-slash-lightwind weapon.


5'8'' | 5'10'' | 6'1''



  • ACTIVE FOAM CORE – Superior flex memory.
  • CLASSIC GLASS COAT – Pros prefer it. So should you.
  • SHORTBOARD OUTLINE – Optimized for allround wave performance.
  • NEU: ROUND TAIL – Improved traction and lift for classic, smooth carving turns.
  • NEU: TUCKED UNDER RAILS – Extreme grip and control in turns.
  • STRAP-READY – Your choice. Go strapless or add straps.
  • DOUBLE STRINGER – Manages torsion and supports the strap inserts.
  • BLUNT NOSE – Safer. And heck, it looks cooler.
  • THRUSTER FIN SETUP – Optimizes the balance between control and a loose, skatey feel.
  • ORIGINAL FCS II SYSTEM – The world standard in fin systems.



  • 5’8’’ x 17 ⅞'' x 2 1/16'', Volume 23 L
  • 5’10’’ x 18 ⅛'' x 2 ¼’', Volume 25 L
  • 6’1’’ x 18 ½'' x 2 ⅜'', Volume 27 L


The Ripper 3 comes standard with a CORE Rear Traction Pad, Leash Plug, and FCS II fin boxes. Delivered in CORE's especially designed re-usable Waveboard Shipping Box.


Available Accessories:

  • CORE Center Traction Pad
  • CORE Front Traction Pad
  • CORE Straps
  • FCS II Fins "FCS II Carver GF Tri Set"
  • FCS II Fins "FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tri Set" 
  • FCS II Fins "FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Set"


Learn more on http://corekites.com/us/boards/surfboards/ripper3