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2021 F-One Rocket Air Foililauta 125L 177.8cm (5'10")

Hinta: 647,95 € (719,95 €)

Toimitusaika: Normaalisti n. 1 viikko tilauksesta, varmista saatavuus: sales@outdoorpoint.com

F-One Rocket Air

The Rocket Air is the first inflatable surf foil developed to give the same feeling as a regular board. The Rocket Air has great stability and volume thanks to its drop stitch construction that creates an extra stiffness essential for control and balance. This also makes the Rocket Air unbelievably light, making it easy to handle and control. The compact size of the F-One Rocket Air makes it easier to store and bring to your next adventure.


  • Easy to store and transport
  • Balanced and light fly
  • Superior and extra rigid drop stitch material
  • Full padded deck

Compatible with a 4-PT foil mount. Distance 160x90 mm.

It has also 4 screws x M6 -15 mm tapered head

Aloittelija, Harrastelija, Kokenut
Leveys: 56cm (22"), 73cm (28.7"), 63cm (24.8"), 76cm (29.9"), 78cm (30.7")
Paksuus: 5"
Voluumi (Litraa): 75, 125, 90, 140, 185, 168
Foil Laudan tyyppi: Wing Surf, Surf, SUP
Ytimen materiaali: Dropstitch twin layer
Kiinnityssysteemi: Kierteelliset reiät
Surfboard Length: 147cm (4.10"), 178cm (5.10"), 163cm (5.4"), 198.1cm (6.6"), 241cm (7.11"), 227cm (7.6")

5’10178 x 73 cm x 12.7 cm5’10 x 29″x 5″125 L5.2

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Normaalisti n. 1 viikko tilauksesta, varmista saatavuus: sales@outdoorpoint.com

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