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2020 F-one LEVO Carbon 900 WIND FOIL hydrofoil, complete

2020 F-one LEVO Carbon 900 Windsurf Hydrofoil set.Kuvan TOP PLATE sisältyy myynti-ilmoituksessa olevaan LEVO 900 foil-settiin.Kuvan KF, DKF ja TUTTLE maston yläosat ovat lisävarusteita eivätkä ne sisälly myynti-ilmoituksessa olevaan LEVO 900 foil-settiin. Ne voi kuitenkin valita lisävarusteina erikseen tarvittaessa.
2020 F-one LEVO Carbon 900 Windsurf Hydrofoil set.

Hinta: 1289,00 € (1435,00 €)


Toimitusaika: Normaalisti noin 1 viikko tilauksesta.

LEVO Carbon 900

The LEVO 900 wing was especially designed for windfoiling: it has a very long span to provide all the stability required for foiling on a windsurf board and its surface area of 900cm² is large enough to provide all the lift needed.

Using our various options for top mast connection, it can be fitted on any boards with Twin track system, KF, Deep-KF, Tuttle, Deep-Tuttle.

- Designed for Windfoiling
- Stability & Control
- Fantastic Speed Potential
- New full Carbon construction with Alu insert

Area: 882 cm²
Span: 800 cm
Aspect Ratio: 7.2
Weight: 1.23 kg (wing only)

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