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2019 Simmer Style SX4 RDM Masto, päivitys: 11-2021

2019 Simmer Style SX4 SDM and SX4 RDM Masts.

Hinta: 223,00 €


Toimitusaika: Normaalisti n. 1 viikko.

Päivitetty / Updated: 4.11.2021

SX4 mast 


The SX4 is the best choice for novice sailors who wants to bring their windsurfing to an experts level. With a 40% carbon content the SX4 delivers slightly softer handling which is ideal when you are starting out your windsurf career. Designed with the same bend curve as the higher level Simmer Style masts and using only the finest pre-preg carbon materials the SX4 delivers performance and superb durability.  

The bend curve of the SDM and RDM’s are compatible with one another, but the RDM’s are more durable, therefor more suitable for punishing wave conditions. SDM’s provide a faster reflex response, better stability and faster acceleration, therefor more suitable for flatwater sailing. The SX4 is our recommended mast for
the Novex sail. 

Valmistajan (Simmer Style) suositushinnat 2019:
2019 SX4 RDM    340  -  2019 Simmer Style RRP:  € 223
2019 SX4 RDM    370  -  2019 Simmer Style RRP:  € 233
2019 SX4 RDM    400  -  2019 Simmer Style RRP:  € 243
2019 SX4 RDM    430  -  2019 Simmer Style RRP:  € 254
2019 SX4 RDM    460  -  2019 Simmer Style RRP:  € 265

Get fired up to go windsurfing with the SX4!


2019 SX4 RDM  < < <

340RDM1540%2.0 kg
370RDM1740%2.2 kg
400RDM1940%2.4 kg
430RDM2140%2.6 kg
460RDM2540%3.1 kg

2019 SX4 SDM


400SDM1940%2.2 kg
430SDM2140%2.5 kg
460SDM2540%2.7 kg
490SDM2940%3.0 kg

Takuu: 1 vuosi

Tuotetiedustelut: myynti@outdoorpoint.com

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