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2019 Simmer Style ICON LEGACY wave purje 3.4-6.2 m2

2019 Simmer Style ICON LEGACY wave purje 3.4-6.2 m2

Hinta: 567,00 € (709,00 €)


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The Icon our all time best selling sails, this is our most versitile sails in the range as it combines ease of handling with a sensationally crisp direct riding feel. The five batten panel layout gives you an absolute control in all situations and the confidence to push hard. If you are jumping in high-wind jumping in Capetown or down the line wave riding at Hookipa, the Icon ultimate level of stability in vast wind ranges. Versatility is the name of the game for the traveling windsurfer and the Icon is the most versatile sail ever designed.

For the 2019 Icon features a narrower mast sleeve in the lower sail body combines with less shaping in the dacron luff panel,  this generates more direct power delivery and makes it quicker to de-power.  The new vertical shaping techniques allows us to create a more harmonious sail profile which results in a more even skin tension between all areas of the sail, providing a more balanced and effective rig.
The Icon Legacy features a bullet proof all x-ply / q-ply panel layout. Icon Legacy redefines what a sail can do and where it can go, where will it take you?

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