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2019 F-one Flex Convertible

2019 F-one Flex Convertible2019 F-one Flex Convertible
2019 F-one Flex Convertible

Hinta: 1049,00 € (1149,00 €)


Toimitusaika: Normaalisti noin 1 viikko. Tiedustelethan varmuuden vuoksi etukäteen: myynti@outdoorpoint.com

HUOM! Vanhentunut malli. Päivitetään pian 2020 malliin. NOTE! Outdated model. Updated soon to 2020 model.

Slice Flex Convertible

Equipped with twin US tracks the SLICE FLEX CONVERTIBLE is a fantastic all in 1 board: The compact dimensions, parallel outline and thin rails of the SLICE make its shape a perfect match as a foiling board. Easy to handle, the Slice delivers a smooth ride even when the boards occasionally hits the water. Freestyle, Wave, Cruising and Foiling, the SLICE FLEX CONVERTIBLE can really do it all!


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