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2019 AHD ZEN aloittelijan purjelauta

2019 AHD ZEN aloittelijan purjelauta

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Toimitusaika: Reilu viikko tilauksesta. Tiedustelut: myynti@outdoorpoint.com


Zen boards have been developed for sailing schools.

Fully paded and reinforced where boards are usually damaged in a beginner’s usage – nose and rails not to mention – Zen boards guarantee a maximum level of comfort and pleasure to start windsurfing in the best conditions ever.

Extremely stable through its shape and dimensions, the progressive scoop makes it easy to unlock the very first planings any beginner is obviously awaiting.

Construction: One Shot Sandwich / Epoxy wood / + full pad

Takuu: 1 vuosi

Tuotetiedustelut (soveltuvuus, saatavuus jne):

Technical specifications

Zen 170Zen 190Zen 220
Volume170 L190 L220 L
Length270 cm290 cm295 cm
Width79,5 cm80,5 cm90,0 cm
Weight12,5 kgs13,5 kgs14,5 kgs
FinAHD Start 30cm + derive/daggerboardAHD Start 30cm + derive/daggerboardAHD Start 30cm + derive/daggerboard

Weight tolerance: +/- 8%. All data provided in here is for information only and can be updated anytime without prior notice.